It's Earth Month!

EARTH DAY: If you haven't heard yet, APRIL is the month we dedicate to celebrate the place we all call home – EARTH! 

It's no secret SELF. the label promotes putting yourSELF first, but where would we be without the lady we all refer to as MOTHER NATURE? 

April 22nd is Earth Day, a single day to demonstrate support for environmental protection and raise awareness about climate change. This day, while only a small step, is designed to inspire our global community to act towards the protection of our planet. To educate and act toward conserving Mother Nature herself. 

Becoming a completely sustainable, earth-friendly brand is one of our foremost goals. So as a starting point, you'll find your order is packaged in compostable bags supplied from HERO PACKAGING! If you're a business owner, we hope you'll jump on board the sustainable packaging train here:

This month, we'll also be donating $1 from every purchase to ONE TREE PLANTED – a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation.

As we find our footing, SELF is taking small steps toward our goal. We encourage our community to be mindful of their choices. START SMALL! Quit reaching for the plastic bag to fill up your groceries! Educate yourself; watch SeaSpiracy; switch out disposable coffee cups for reusable mugs!

Small steps keep us moving forward. Small steps inspire bigger steps. We can’t be perfect, but we can still take steps. Until we reach our goal.